Sunday, May 24, 2009

Road trip advice for the day trip

Road Trip check list for the day trip
Life is a journey and as such needs to be enjoyed. It’s not simply arriving but making the trip. Sometimes the sights along the way can be much more interesting than the final destination. Yes, we’re talking about a road trip. These, of course, can be day trips or month long trips. In any case, they have to be planned for accordingly.
Today, we’ll concentrate on the day trip. This can be a short one or two hour trip to a full day of driving. But, the great part is able to spend the night in your own bed. The trip naturally needs to be planned by all agreeing to it. It helps if all have the same joys in making such a trip. Some people like many stops and others like to push it all of the way.
To increase the trip, Google can be your best friend; that is, next to a GPS in your car. Having wireless internet connections is definitely a bonus. Granted you might not want to hit every attraction, but some of the stops can lead to some interesting surprises. Do not be scared to take the side road, the road less traveled so to speak.
While you have the trip planned, don’t stay so rigid in it that you miss opportunities. If you eagerly search for interesting places, you’ll often find them. The anticipation adds so much to the adventure. It is so true that what you look for, you often find.
Don’t forget the camera. Now that you found a great side adventure, make memories that you want to keep. You may want to pass this way again, but maybe not. Take the photos, it is worth the time.
We all get hungry and it is tempting to take food along with you. However, it also robs you the potential to experience local foods. There are always interesting and highly unusual places to eat. Ask the owners or managers what the restaurant is famous for and what are their specials? Again, bring the camera.
When exploring, be prepared to get lost, even with GPS. That is truly the only way to ever see the back roads. But, be thankful that you can find your way out. You have to love GPS. And know when to call it a day. It is great to hit the home button and know what time you can make it home.
And, of course, road music—you have to bring the right music with you. Sometimes you want background music and sometimes you want music that can get your heart pumping. You have to have choices. As far as local stations go, try them if you wish, but be prepared to have your own.
The most important reminder is to make the trips. There is so much around you, no matter where you live that remains unexplored. Make a road trip and look at it through a new set of eyes, I think you will be glad you did.
Johnny Ray



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