Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tips for Traveling with your Laptop

The laptop has become so much of our lives, we can hardly think of going anywhere with out it. Elaine Sanders has some great advice on going through check in with your laptop.

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Faster Check-in For Travel with "Checkpoint Friendly" Laptop Bags

Author: Elaine Sanders

If you have ever wanted to travel to Greece, Hawaii, Australia or even Argentina, now is the time. Even the travel experts can’t tell you the last time that they saw so many deals for summer travel. If there is one good thing coming out of the recession, it is the “recession buster” deals in the travel world. While for some people laptop and vacation don’t belong in the same sentence, more people are traveling with their laptop with the proliferation of micro-mini laptops and the virtual office. For those road warriors, it is helpful to know what checkpoint friendly laptop bags are available so they can breeze through security.

TSA (the Travel Security Administration) has some relatively simple guidelines. Your laptop needs to lay flat on the X-ray belt. No zippers or metal objects can be underneath or on top of the laptop section, and there can be no pockets in the laptop section. There can be nothing else in the laptop section other than the laptop. The whole idea is that the TSA rep needs to be able to easily see your laptop as it goes through the X-ray.

If you really want to keep it simple for yourself, just choose a laptop sleeve or bag that is already identified as checkpoint friendly. Mobile Edge has created its "Scan Fast" series of laptop bags, that includes a checkpoint friendly laptop backpack and several briefcases that fold open and allow you to keep the laptop inside. Brenthaven’s stylis x-ray friendly laptop case opens up like a butterfly, allowing for a quick move through security. This bag comes in sizes for both a 15.4” and a 17” laptop, so most any sized laptop will work with either of the two.

Maybe you have a bag that you already love to take on trips. If that is a case, a choice of a checkpoint friendly laptop sleeve makes sense. Same guidelines apply to sleeves as to laptop bags, so no zippers or objects can cover the laptop in the x-ray. Casauri has taken their popular sun stripe and deco blocks patterns and made laptop sleeves that will make security a breeze and yet allow you to have a colorful choice for laptops ranging from 8.9” through 15.4”. For a little more sedate look, Greensmart’s laptop sleeve in storm blue or black is good for males or females, and has the added benefit of being eco-friendly by being made of recycled plastic bottles.

About the Author:

Elaine Sanders, together with Raffaella Camera, co-founded Kolobags.com, the best place online to buy designer laptop bags, stylish laptop totes, laptop backpacks, ipod cases, and other technology fashion accessories from today's leading designers.

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