Friday, September 24, 2010


Hot Deal Alert: 2000 Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards Eloge Cabernet for $30.99 Shipped on Cases

Below are details for today's newly sourced wine deal:
We offered Todd Anderson's 2006 Eloge, with its 95+ point Robert Parker press, to WineAccess members a few months ago. Not surprisingly, it disappeared in a flash. Anderson was happy with the sale, but reluctantly so. People are drinking his wines too fast, he lamented. Conn Valley Cabernet is all about patience.

So we challenged Todd to back up his words. We asked him to send us a few older bottles. A week later, the boxes showed up. Instead of 'a few bottles,' he'd sent us two cases -- 15 vintages in all. There was a small note inside that read simply, "It's time to prove a point."

And that he did, again and again, vintage after vintage. We opened the 2000 Eloge (yes, you read the vintage right) and poured it into our favorite Zalto glasses. The color showed no signs of age. The fruit remained dark, laced with black olive and the complexity of the secondary aromas put us on notice -- when it comes to Conn Valley Cabernet, patience is a virtue.

Deal: 2000 Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards Eloge Cabernet. Originally $75/bottle. Buy now for as little as $30.99/bottle shipped on orders of 4 bottles or more!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hot Deal Alert: - 2007 Buoncristiani O.P.C. Napa Valley Red-$35.99/Bottle

Precious few Napa Valley wineries -- even with the release of the sensational 2007s -- still live in a world where demand outpaces supply. Harlan Estate, the ultimate Cabernet blend for the world's super-rich, is one. Another is a tiny, underground cult brand founded by four brothers in a Napa Valley garage. Their name is Buoncristiani.

In 2006, Parker lavished Buoncristiani with 90, 93 and 97 point scores. The soon-to-be published 2007 scores will make the '06s look tame.

The 2007 O.P.C. (Ol' Pa's Cuvee) is a signature blend of no less than 80 carefully selected micro-cuvees. This is a wildly rich gumbo of sumptuous Napa Cabernet splashed with succulent Syrah. Glistening dark purple in color, packed with immensely concentrated, sappy cassis and red fruit.

Deal: 2007 Buoncrustiani O.P.C. Napa Valley Red. Normally $50 a bottle. Buy now for as little as $35.99/bottle shipped! Shipping included on orders of 4 bottles or more


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hot deal of the day on wine

Hot Deal Alert: 2008 Carl Roy Cabernet Sauvignon "East Side Cuvee"-$24.99/bottle Shipped

Having scrapped plans to build a new winery, Carl Roy was back in business in 2007 with another brilliant, deep purple Cabernet drawn from some handpicked vineyards on the east side of the valley. But with the market still in a nosedive, they offered most of that luscious release to WineAccess members for just $25. Why? Better to get paid fast, make a couple of bucks, than fight an impossible market at the suggested $60 price tag.

That wine disappeared in a few hours, then the rave reviews cascaded in. 243 members rated the 2007 East Side Cuvee, of which 201 gave it 4 or 5 stars -- one of the highest aggregate ratings for a single wine in WineAccess history.

So when we barrel-tasted the chiseled 2008 Carl Roy "East Side Cuvee," this time drawn off some precious Oakville spots on Napa's Rodeo Drive, we expected a 5-star follow-up. And that's exactly what we got. Deep purple in color, packed with a dark, beautifully honed ripe cassis core, the 2008 has superb structure to counterbalance all that Oakville opulence. Drink it now if you must (give it 2 hours in a carafe!) -- or lay this one down for a half decade.

Deal: 2008 Carl Roy Cabernet Sauvignon East Side Cuvee. Normally $60 a bottle. Buy now for as little as $24.99/bottle shipped! Shipping included on orders of 4 bottles or more!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hot Deal Alert: 2009 Gilles Gelin Beaujolais Villages- $14.50/bottle Shipped

In the last days of harvest, 35-year old Gilles Gelin walked his vines above Lancie, plucking the sweetest Gamay he'd ever tasted. The aromas that wafted over his immaculate winery seemed to hover over each of the idyllic villages of the Beaujolais. In less than 10 years at the helm of this amazing estate, Gelin made an absolutely luscious crushed red fruit Beaujolais Villages that has Lancie buzzing.

This is a buyer's bonanza. Despite the historic quality of the 2009s in Beaujolais -- one called 'the best in 50 years' by Robert Parker's Wine Advocate -- where Gamay has the richness of Pinot Noir and the structure of the Cote de Beaune, prices have barely moved. Why? Beaujolais has been pummeled by the crisis, and with many cellars (though not Gelin's) piled high with 2008s and 2007s, no one is willing to push the envelope.
Few red wines will provide this much vibrancy and floral fireworks this fall -- particularly for just $14.50/bottle. Buy this one by the case. After you drink bottle #1, the next eleven won't last long.

Deal: 2009 Gilles Gelin Beaujolais Villages for as little as $14.50/bottle shipped! Shipping included on orders of 6 bottles or more!